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I don't see a package that works for me or my company, can I customise a session?

Our headshot packages are varied to suit most budgets and requirements, however, if you need something specific please contact us to receive a free quote for your tailored shoot.​

I'm at 320 Harris St but I can't find you. 

Don't worry, you're here! Our studio is on level 4 of M Central 1. Proceed up to the main glass doors and dial 411 then hit call on the intercom. Once in, head to your left and take a seat on the white waiting room lounges and we'll be down to meet you in a couple of minutes. 

I'm a few minutes early to my session!

No worries, there are a number of cafe's on Harris St or just let us know you're here and you can come up and have a refreshment in our waiting room. If we're ready for you early we can start early.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we offer group discounts to those booking 5 or more people for studio headshot or Cine-headshot in any one session date.

I'm running a few minutes late!

Oh dear! Traffic? An over run work meeting? Got a bit lost? Parking the car? Don't stress, just give us a call and if we can, we'll push the session back. If you're running more than an hour late, again let us know, there'll be a $50 reschedule charge but we'll slot you in the next available shoot time. For more see below.


How do I prepare for my session to get the best image of me?

Get a hair cut 5-7 days before your scheduled booking, avoid sunburn and heavy drinking for a few days before the shoot, use moisturiser on your face and chapstick on your lips, avoid greasy food and get a good sleep the night before your session. 

Do I need makeup?

It's up to you but for guys and gals, having professional makeup changes the way photography lighting behaves on your skin tones which will result in better images, it also helps with oiliness, shine and hiding blemishes. 

Do you travel?

Yes! We have packages that include travel to all of greater Sydney. If you're located outside of Sydney let us know so we can prepare a quote to cover our travel costs. 

I don't know what outfits to bring, can you help?

Yes, of course, if you need help with your outfit we can have a chat with you over Skype or Whattsapp and see your options before you come. Alternatively, bring as many of your favourite wardrobe pieces to your session and we'll help style you with with best combinations. Usually it's best to avoid distracting patterns and prints for headshots. 

When do I need to be at the studio

We recommend you arrive early to your shoot so you can settle into the experience and leave behind the busy world outside the studio. This is time to focus on you! We offer refreshments during the initial consultation where we discuss your wardrobe styling and the type of portrait you are after (if you have opted to use our in-house make up, please arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled shoot session). 

Something urgent has come up and I can't make my headshot session, can I re-schedule?

We understand somethings can't be helped. If you give us 24 hours notice from your session time we will book you in the next available time slot, no extra charge. For cancellations within 24 hours we charge a $50 re-booking fee (excluding business location sessions, weddings and events) 

How do I describe the type of portrait I want? 

Have a look at some of the work we have on our website and point to your favourite example or if you have seen a headshot somewhere else that you like the look of take screenshot or photo of it and attach to the form when booking. If you have a particular style in mind, inspired, for example, from a film or celebrity portrait, upload it or bring them along. We love to get creative or recreate iconic shots.

How do you choose the final images to be hand retouched?

We don't, you do! First we remove the obvious misses like blinks or on the rare occasion the camera drops focus then we upload all colour corrected images from the session into your own password secured online gallery where you can select your favourite images, review and compare your selections to send back to us. Then we retouch you're selections. After they're done you can download your images in both camera-native resolution and web resolution (1600px Jpgs). For events you just need to hit download, select the location the images are going and you're all good to go!

Can I get my portraits in black and white?

Yes! While we shoot in colour and pride ourselves on our unique colour grading, we also process and deliver all finished retouched shots in black and white too.

I've booked a stylised portrait session but I've got new ideas for my shoot concept, can I change my plans?

In most cases, yes, it depends on the type of changes you want but call us to discuss what you have in mind.

How soon can I download my photos?

For Headshot and Business packages, we typically have a turn around of 5-7 days from the time we receive your selections. If you need them urgently we charge a rush fee of $50 per image to get them to you in 24 hours of receiving your selections. Event photos are usually ready for download within 24-48 hours of the event. Stylised portraits may take up to 14 days but only because we need to spend the right amount of time finely going over your whole collection images to get them fashion magazine perfect.

Who owns the copyright of the images from my session?

Good question! For private individuals, you own the copyright to your portrait and wedding photos, although we reserve the right to use them on our website, marketing and social media unless expressly agreed to the contrary in writing. For all other clients we provide limited usage rights included in your session fee. For further information please carefully read the contract you will need to sign when making your booking.


Who does my makeup?

Gabriela is a professionally trained hair and makeup artist with over 15 years experience working in 3 countries on all levels of production. We use the highest quality makeup and beauty products to ensure you are looking your absolute best for your portrait session. 


What equipment do you use?

In the studio we use Fujifilm medium format digital camera with a 110mm f2 portrait lens and a 32-64mm f4 medium wide-angle zoom tethered to a monitor and Profoto lighting equipment. For events we use Canon, Nikon and Fuji cameras with portable Profoto lighting. 

Can you do headshots at my office or home?

Yes! Our business, stylised, cine-headshot packages can be done in any location you choose. For headshots using our portable studio set up we require a space of at least 5X5 metres and 3 metre ceilings with no furniture and at least one powerpoint. We also require nearby parking provided and assistance getting into your building. Once in we usually take about 45 minutes to set up and test the lighting before we're ready for you or the first subject to start the session. 

Is set up time included in the session?

Only for business sessions. 

How can I be sure my images are safe?

We use at least 3 forms of storage for all photography jobs starting with using 2 memory cards in our cameras which are downloaded onto a portable hard drive at the end of the shoot which is then saved to our server in two locations and finally a cloud backup service. 

Can I order prints of my photos?

Absolutely, your online gallery is also a print store where you can order prints for everything from greeting cards, calendars, frames, canvas and fine art wall mounts. We use a wonderful printery called Atkins Lab in South Australia that specialise in high-end photo printing. Just select your image for printing in the gallery and hit the order tab. (Tip: Be sure to only order from the finished retouched version of your photo)

If we haven't answered your questions here, please get in touch and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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