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We are Oscar Colman and Collaborators. With over 25 years of experience in front and behind cameras, as a directors, actors, presenters, models, stylists, designer, photographers & producers; has give us all our skills for this moment off our careers. We had the opportunity to learn from the best & greatest masters around all the world and we continue to learn and study every day to give our best work and creations to our clients.

We know that sometimes for someones it can be uncomfortable in front off a camera. So we always will support you, given you techniques, make you feel more relaxed and natural so your Portraits will be always showing your best side and confident.

Our life has been always in movement and changes. Traveling and living in so many countries. Knowing many different languages, cultures and people. In our Background we have study in different university and different degrees, but with similarly in art what also have giving us special skill and different points of views. 

And now we develop full time in our true passion like Photographers & Art Director in Oscar Colman Portrait Studio.


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© 2019 Oscar Colman Portrait Studio  411/320 Harris Street, Pyrmont, NSW, Sydney E: oscar@oscarcolman.com 

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