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Gabriela Dittmann

Art-Director & Secondary Photographer

With 25 years of experience for different situations that life has given me, good and not so good and I always would so grateful for that. All this has giving me skill In front and behind cameras, which has given me the opportunity to learn from the greatest masters of their specialties and I know that I will always be able to contribute, with my creativity and ingenuity, to this diverse and infinite field.  My life has been always in movement and changes. Which has given me the ability to know 3 languages and a loot of different cultures. All This has given me all kinds of invaluable life experience. I have become a very adaptable, strong and observant person and I was able to study 3 different university degrees, which have taken me along path of inspiration and diversity in teaching sports, gastronomic and finally directing and acting. 

I work over more then 25 years like a actor, director, presenter, model, photographer, stylist, designer and even like a teacher what has given me ability to communicate and teach or explain better my vision or when i was working like a internacional cook, was has give me the eye and the hand of perfection and detail.

I always have believe that everything we do, create or what we see, hear, feel or even smell is art and im soo happy to be in the position of given the world a little bit of my personal view and perception.

And at this time of life I can develop in my true passion, the audiovisual arts.

After having several possibilities of working together with Oscar, Im joint the Oscar Colman Portrait Studio as his art director and secondary photographer and he has given me the space and support to be able to show my work, creativity and improve my techniques and skills every day.

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