Oscar Colman Portrait Studio

Prepare For Your Portrait Session

From a few days before your shoot:

Try to avoid sunburn
Drink lots of water
Early nights to bed
Exfoliate face/neck
Book in haircut and beauty treatments such as waxing, eyebrow shaping, eyelash treatment, hair
colouring, haircut, facials. Apart from facials, it is better to have beauty treatments a few days before your session to allow time for the treatments to look more natural. 
Book in hair and make up for the day of your session. Some nearby the studio are listed below. When booking these services, explain when your portrait session time with Oscar is so they can make allowances for the time needed to do the treatments and then allow plenty of time to get to the studio. If you are running ahead of time, there are great coffee shops on our doorstep.
Consider your 'looks' by trialling outfits. Choose solid colours over patterns/florals that can detract.
Consider a formal and an informal look. Launder/dry clean if needed and package in suite/dress bags ready to go. If your shoot is including an outside image (half/whole day package) you may want to change your 'look' for that. Umbrella might be a good idea just in case rain is expected, unless you're going for that 'wet' look :-) !
Consider engaging professional help:
* a stylist (see 'Link' for stylists.) to encapsulate right tone, attitude, mood appropriate to the end use you are planning for your images.('Link' for stylists.)
* hair and makeup professionals for the day of your shoot. ('Link' for nearby salons.)
Pack up a kit with your hairbrush, comb, toothbrush, whatever you are going to need on the day.


Suit: Make sure your suit or outfits fit perfectly . ('Link' for correctly fitted suit).
To shave or not to shave? Unless you are on the 15 minute session you can have more than one 'look' so if you want to have images that show unshaven, and then clean shaven, bring your shaving requirements with you. (See 'Link' if you need more help in deciding whether to have a beard, stubble or not.) If you are going to shave, we recommend you opt for the 1 hour session.. we don't want you
If you are having a formal suit look, don't come wearing your business shirt under your jacket, as
sleeves of the shirts can have a very wrinkly look by the time you are in front of the camera. Bring your shirt along, pressed, on a hanger and in a plastic protector. Polish your business shoes. Wash hair close to day of shoot to avoid oiliness.
Make-up - use your judgement, but rarely is it needed for men. Virtually all the males on our website had no make up.


Exfoliate your face and neck so that make up is not applied to dry, flakey patches of uneven skin.
If you are not going to engage a professional make up artist - test run your make up application, making sure you have matte (non metallic, non shiny, not with SPF) products and you are confident you can produce an even, blended effect right through to the ears, over the neck to under the collar/dress line using moisturiser, primer and foundation. Smooth, even, consistent toning is the aim. Avoid mineral make-up or any product that creates a shiny/glittery effect as this can cause reflection under lighting. Eyeshadow - again, matte not shiny, no bright colours. Make sure mascara is fresh, not blotchy if you are not tinting - with the aim of producing separated, extended lashes.
Trial with slightly darker shades and more make up than every day life because it will not show up as strongly through the camera - perhaps even losing 30% of its intensity. Do some research on- line and practise.
Come to the studio with your make up done but bring your make up bag for any touch ups, changes you want to make.

On the Day of Your Session:

Arrive 5 - 10 minutes earlier than your time slot, dressed in the outfit you would prefer for your first look. We want you calm, unhurried and relaxed, free from the pressures of your everyday world. We are on the second floor of a building which wears its age on its sleeve.. the stairs creak, the lift is an 'experience' in itself -reliable, but ancient. .. soak up the change of pace and feel.. Turn your mobile to silent. This a guilt free 'all about you' time and we want you to really enjoy your session with us.
Oh, and don't panic if you have erupted in blotches, a pimple has popped up, you've nicked yourself shaving, or you've been kept awake half the night by the party next door, with bags under the eyes to
prove it. Your images include light re-touching which will smooth out imperfections such as these.
Everyone of the images on our website started off with corrections needed, so you are in good company.
For Directions, Location Map to get to the studio, go to the 'contact' page.

Salons Nearby

1 minutes walk rawhair.com.au 9211 4444 (100 Commonwealth St) and www.wildlifehair.com 92114940 (50 Reservoir St)

5 minutes walk moorehmu.com 0421676187 (157 Campbell St)
11 minutes walk edwardsandco.com.au 9211 6631 (99 Kippax St). http://edwardsandco.com.au

Salons are closed Sunday and Monday.
All three do both hair and make up.

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