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Unofficial Photograpy @ Rayven Club Rouge White Event

Unofficial photography was at the happenings at Rouge in Darling Harbour on the night before Australia Day. Mostly candid, shot in black & white using a simple Fujifilm XT-4 camera, lens & EF-X8 flash setup to get the most fleeting moments.

Following the popularity of the previous blog post with a gallery from Rayven Club's inaugural black tie event, I received a number of enquiries requesting ways to download the photos from the night. As much as I enjoy taking the photos, doing so is my job and it takes time and money to go through images, store and upload them to my website for your viewing pleasure and for this reason, I've now made it possible for those who love the shots I’ve captured to support me by purchasing the photos which can be either used on social media, for commercial use or even as fine art prints via the print store. They would make great art pieces for a choice place in a home or a wonderful gift with a personal touch.

All purchases will support my art and my business, making it possible to allow me to continue creating and photographing at these events. And of course, if you have upcoming events or other commissions please get in touch!

The link to the downloadable gallery is here:

Thank you for stopping by the blog and enjoy the gallery!

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