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Unofficial Photography

When shooting for a client, the emphasis on the approach is making sure all their key objectives are covered in a style that allows them to use the photos for a myriad of purposes and, while I've endeavoured to apply my own style to my professional work, it is still constrained by the parameters of the brief.

When shooting unofficially the pressure to do this is off and a more authentic, documentary style can be adopted. I love this kind of photography. Be it in street style fashion, portraiture or events; It's raw, minimal and in the moment. With the choice of leaving it to #Fujifilm's jpegs and in-camera processing to give the images their style and look, embracing the limitations of not editing afterwards, the captures gain a sense of immediacy that harks back to film days. And should I choose, I can also feel free to experiment with editing styles that especially suit the tone of the photo in a way that would not likely be accepted in my regular paid work. I look forward to doing this style of photography whenever possible and hopefully have it become the work I do for my discerning clients when the project at hand calls for it. Enjoy.

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