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                                                            At an early age and over all my life I was always interested in all kinds of visual arts, from                                                                    being a narrator, cartoonist, singer, guitarist and even a model and most likely all this was                                                                  thanks to my parents placing me in an unusual school system. I started with photography at                                                              the age of 9 that I asked for my first camera as a birthday present. From that day I knew                                                                      that I wanted to be a photographer. I was the photographer of all school trips, events, of the                                                              school newspaper and logically, I was the official photographer of all family events. With my                                                              grandmothers as my first inspiration muses.  Over the years I began my career and training                                                                in news photojournalism, always with the luck of being in the best environments and                                                                            companies of visual media. It was often very exciting, dangerous and sometimes even very sad to see everything I captured through the lens. Then I worked for many years as a freelance photographer, freelance, assistant, always trying to learn from the best in the middle, get the knowledge of the best techniques, get the best equipment, I do it to this day. There has not been a single day since I was 9 years old that I was not inspired to see a magazine where there were incredible photos or portraits of famous people and characters, gigantografias in the streets, old books of historical characters which developed my true love for portraits and I wanted to know, learn or imitate these magnificent techniques and effects. The same always when I was photographing something, a scene, a family, a person or a character for a job in the following years. The faces showed and expressed an infinite world behind every gesture, pose, look, wrinkle and scar. That was what I wanted to capture, that essence or character, which motivated me even more to achieve a quality of work from the soul, the effort and the industry; DIFFER ME. When I work, I am not only a photographer, I direct, I am a perfectionist and above all, I always listen to the ideas, doubts or questions of my clients, because I believe that creating a portrait is a teamwork and communication between them. to create more than just a portrait, just content or just a pretty picture ... rather an impressive and extraordinary image that you don't want to stop seeing and sharing.

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