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For: LinkedIn, Social Media, CV, Website, Reports, Identity Tags, Authors, Actors, Models & Presenter Headshots

We look at headshots as an art-form where style meets professionalism and gives your online presence a strong sense of indivuality and finesse. We know that most people don't spend a lot of time in photography studios looking down the barrel of a lens which is why we encourage you to settle into the session with a consultation to learn what style of portrait you want, we help style and prepare your presentation, then coach you during your shoot to have the most confident and stunning headshot you can get.


We love to use our experience in acting, lighting, direction and styling to give you a truly creative and uniquely you headshot that stands out in the digital sphere. But more than that it's a lot of fun making it!

Our packages include at least one professionally hand retouched image delivered via digital download through our client portal usually within 72 hours of your selection.

For more information have a look at FAQs or get in touch!




● Individual photoshoot

● 20 minute shoot session

● 1 Background
● 10 color corrected pictures
● 1 high-end retouched pictures
● In studio shoot
● Up to 1 outfits
● GST included



Extra Retouched Images $35



● Individual photoshoot

● 45 minute shoot session

● 1 to 2 Backgrounds
● 20 color corrected pictures
● 3 high-end retouched pictures
● In studio shoot
● Up to 1 outfits

● Styling assistant
● GST included

Extra Retouched Images $30




● Individual photoshoot

● 2 Hour shoot session 

● 2 Backgrounds
● 30 color corrected pictures
● 6 high-end retouched pictures

● Art-Director
● In studio shoot
● Up to 2 outfits

● 2 MakeUp & Styling
● GST included

Extra Retouched Images $25



● Individual photoshoot

● 3 Hour shoot session

● 3 Backgrounds
● 60 color corrected pictures
● 10 high-end retouched pictures

● Art-Director 
● In studio shoot or locacion
● Up to 4 outfits

● Full Make Up & Styling
● GST included

Extra Retouched Images $20

Optional professional makeup is available in house! Please arrive 45 minutes before your shoot time. 


For: companies, businesses, premises, professionals, workers, hired or independent.

We arrived at your company with everything. Including our staff, equipment, lighting, in other words we move our studio to where you are, your company or even in required locations. To capture photos of the staff, executive portraits using your choice of background: black, white, gray, neutral or interior or exterior of your business or location. Beyond portraits, we can display the environment of your business in action using dynamic images or space to tell stories, procedures and interaction with your customers, such as interactive photos of staff, creative processes, product photos, accessories, details and meals , adapted to the message and purpose.



● Up to 6 people businesses

● 2 hours & 30 minutes session

● 1 headshot per person 

● 1 full size shot per person

● 4 ambient shots

● 4 product/service shots

● 2 Group picture

● 1 Background
● 20 color corrected pictures
● 10 high-end retouched pictures
● In location
● Up to 1 outfits
● GST included

Extra Retouched Images $35



● Up to 12 people businesses

● 4 hours session

● 1 headshot per person 

● 1 full size shot per person

● 8 ambient shots

● 8 product/service shots

● 4 Group picture

● 2 Background
● 40 color corrected pictures
● 20 high-end retouched pictures
● Up to 2 different locations

● Up to 1 outfits
● GST included

Extra Retouched Images $32



● over 20 people businesses

● 8 hour session

● 2 headshot per person 

● 2 full size shot per person

● 20 ambient shots

● 20 product/service shots

● 8 Group picture

● Up to 3 Background
● 80 color corrected pictures
● 40 high-end retouched pictures
● Up to 4 different locations

● Up to 2 outfits
● GST included

Extra Retouched Images $28

Look-Book      Cineheadshot    Stylised

 For actors, models, personalities, keynote speakers, presenters, people from the theater or circus environment, journalist, entrepreneurs and writers, social media.
¿Why choose us ?

We have a complete team of people who have worked for more than 20 in front and behind the camera. Together with the ideas that our clients give us,  we stylised, we design, make and create one or more images For what ever you need, for youre Book Look, Stylised portafolio or you’re Cineheadshot.

We can vary in backgrounds, settings, locations. Even in our studio, we have achieved a Cinematographic aspect. Outdoor for Local, in Location, Urban environments, Natural environments. We will design images where all aspects and implementations play IN YOUR FAVOR and will presenting yourself in a completely unique, fresh, powerfull or beautiful way!

Taking inspiration from master painters, photographers and filmmakers we utilise the language of light and depth to bring out your character in front of the lens. With The lights, angles, posture, attitude, character, expression and mood come together to highlight your character in up to 4 different ways or looks. As much as our art directors or our photographers will always guide, help and support you in this process. It will create a combination of all these visual elements that will come together in an attractive portfolio that will speak persuasively to your target audience and quota. 

Cine-headshot     $500

● Individual photoshoot

● Up to 1.5 hours Photography session + 10 min warming up

● As many locations/ backgrounds as you like

● 30 colour corrected pictures

● 3 high-end retouched pictures

● Location (around studio - Pyrmont, Jones Bay Wharf, Pirrama Park, Black Wattle Bay, Darling Harbour, Jacksons Landing, Ultimo) - City, Sydney Harbour & Beaches add $100 for travel and parking 

● Up to 3 outfits

●  Professional Makeup and styling

 ● GST included

Extra Retouched $35

Look Book            $750

● Individual photoshoot

● Up to 1 hours & 30 min session + 10 min warming up

● 1 Background

● 10 colour corrected Images

● 4 high-end retouched Images

● In studio shoot

● Up to 3 outfits

● Professional makeup (1 hour)

● GST included

Extra Retouched $35

Stylised Package Nº1 


● Individual photoshoot with Oscar

● In person or Skype meeting to discuss your portrait

● pose coaching

● Art-Director

● Up to 3 hours photography session + 10 min warming up

● 3 Backgrounds in Studio or 2 outdoor locations or 1 of each

● 40 colour corrected Images

● 10 high-end retouched pictures

● Digital Web Gallery

● Hair & MakeUp Artist (1 hour at start and stays for whole session)

● Wardrobe stylist

● Unlimited Outfits

● GST included

Extra Retouched $35