Perfect for Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, business and corporate, students and graduates, Linkedin and social media in general.

Headshots are an art-form where style meets professionalism and gives your online presence a strong sense of individuality and finesse. Regardless of what industry you are in, we will work with you to customise a portrait session that best represents who you are and how you want to be seen by those who interact with you by  bringing out your style and personality in that all important first impression.

You can choose from:


Shoot Session BASIC  (30 minutes) $200

One look (background, outfit, lighting style)


Shoot session UNLIMITED $400

You can try as many outfit combinations as you like and use a bunch of different background and lighting styles in a relaxed and personalised shoot that puts the focus on you!

Each image selected by you to be retouched is $50

Retouching is an essential part of the headshot, it makes sure there are absolutely no distracting hairs, temporary blemishes or dark spots under the eyes in your final image. It also adds tone, texture and character to make your headshot truly unique.